Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Creature Thinger


I thought I'd do some creature design, since we had a similar assignment coming up in Lifedrawing class. I didn't use it, but it was fun to do, and useful, since i hadnt done anything like it before. something ive been considering latley is breaking out of what i usually do and experimenting with things i havnt tried before. at the same time, id like to, erm, do the opposite and find a system to produce quality stuff more quickley. Kind of an opposing set of goals, but I'm hoping the contrast might help me grasp them faster.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Muzzel lip synch

I had a week to do this for school. It was a rewarding experment!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Needs more Cowbell...

Reading week is over! I spent it back home, doing far less homework than i should have been. I got re-aquainted with my pencil crayons, which are still one of my favorite mediums. of course, i went right for the harder materials- I'm not sure if i like the final result of this; further experimentation is definitley required.

I watched the special features of the collectors edition of Avatar. I particularley enjoyed how Cameron gave credit to all of his team, and his attention to realism in his fantasy setting. even if i didnt like the films story, I can appreciate its creation.

I also made a flour sack! i was having trouble with some major principals of drawing, so I thought the
best way to overcome it would be to draw straight from the source. I'm not the best sewer, but I think it'll serve its purpose. Like usual, I'm going to try and post more, more often.