Monday, August 1, 2011

Dealership Hideout

This took a while! I was working on edge sharpness and local colour- two things I’ve been having a lot of trouble with on background, I don’t think ill do many realistic backgrounds like this for a while. They’re fun to spend hours on rendering, but I want to focus more on broader stuff like composition, colour and value.
As with my last painting, there are a lot of things id like to have done to this image, but I didn’t want to spend another solid week on it. Painting always seems to slow down the farther into it I get, and I need to draw the line somewhere, before I stop time completely!
Oh, another thing. I might as well call attention to this myself, cause someone will notice, but I didn’t clean up the sketch I used as my base, and as such, the perspective is pretty wonky. Hell, I don’t think I even used vanishing points. So pretty embarrassing, considering I’m supposed to love perspective...