Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cave update and new shaders

 I saw that blogger likes to tonemap stuff I upload, so I tried brightening things up a bit. For this update, I swapped out a lot of temp textures. the new ones were made using Bitmap2Material, and I plan on doing research into substance painter next. I added in an animated caustics light and did some nicer set dressing for this particular composition.

I also did some research on fancy shaders! The one below is Parallax occlusion mapping- emulating higher poly surfaces with a single plane and a complicated shader network;
 And some vertex blending between two textures. Oh, I tried reproducing the MGS5 chamfered corner technique, but since I dont know how to script, I did it manually in Maya. I think it worked out well, but I implemented it poorly on that brick fence.
More tools to use in future projects! I'm gearing up for a new one. I just have to decide on subject matter

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